bridge bot api for discord servers
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bridge is an extensible program that allows bridging various chat applications, providing an API that bridge clients can use. Currently, it only supports bridging Discord to the bridge API.


node and npm are required. yarn is recommended instead of npm. (If using yarn, replace occurrences of npm with yarn)

npm install

Before running it, you will probably want to edit the server's config.js to match the Discord guilds you'd like to bridge or change other settings.

Then, to run it:

DISCORD_TOKEN="your discord token" JWT_SECRET="jwt secret" node index.js

Building the frontend

You may also want to build the frontend web application.

First, install the dependencies:

cd frontend
npm install

Then, open src/config.js in your editor and update the values to match where you're hosting the bridge's http server. You may use a reverse proxy such as NGINX. If you just want to run and use it locally, the defaults are fine.

Once you're done tweaking the configuration, you can build it:

npm run build


This software may break the ToS of certain chat applications that do not allow bridging (either directly or indirectly). It is only for educational purposes and I am not responsible for any damage caused.